LA FABRIL, C. por A.

A modern edible fats and oil manufacturing company created to supply a broad range of top quality products to accommodate different market needs.


The mission of La Fabril is to produce top quality food solutions by means of highly innovative technology, thus achieving total customer satisfaction. To accomplish its mission, a harmonious environment has been provided to accommodate institutional and individual concerns, toghether with those of the community where it operates, encouraging its human resource asset and becoming actively involved in the country´s development, while protecting its environment.




Its modern facilities, locate in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic, is fully automated, and products are manufactured in adherence to the standards and practices required by demanding international standards. La Fabril, C. por A. is one of the most modern edible oils manufacturing plant in the World.

In addition, La Fabril has a customer demonstration and applications center, in order to accommodate special requirements.

  It also has R&D laboratory that provides analysis and technical support for operation monitoring, with continuous production testing and serious research work for development of new products.



The mission of La Fabril, Dominican is not limited to production of top quality products and constant improvement and renovation, it also includes the social and environment issues.
The Plant has a state –of –the-art water treatment facility that enables us to return clear, pure water to the environment. Furthermore, the manufacturing process adheres to very strict standards and practices to prevent environmental pollution.





La Fibril’s human resources are its main asset, reason why we have selected highly skilled professionals who have been thoroughly trained to master production and quality. 

In addition, an ongoing career development and training program has been implemented to enable each teach team member to keep him/herself abreast of the latest breakthroughs in the industry.